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Range & Pasture

Managing invasive brush, weeds, and grasses is essential for ranchers and land managers to provide their livestock with an environment that promotes health and wellness.  Working together with producers, we develop recommendations that also ensure the promotion of a rich wildlife habitat.

Our team strives to create value for producers by utilizing the most effective methods to identify and target unwanted species, driving maximum return.

Roadside / Transportation

Invasive vegetation on roadsides creates serious challenges and affects travel and safety as well as the functions required of highways and travel corridors.

Our team works alongside departments of transportation and applicators, utilizing technical knowledge and experience, to create recommendations that reduce mowing and labor intensities, promote safety and ensure sustainable environments.


Freshwater ecosystems such as ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers are vital to many forms of life.  Controlling nuisance plants and algae growth to maintain a healthy native plant community is often best achieved with the use of aquatic herbicides.

Our team works with customers to ensure weedy plants that often affect navigational access to lakes and rivers or increase hazards to swimmers and recreational activities are controlled.

Utility / Energy

Privately owned utilities and cooperatives manage rights of way vegetation using both mechanical methods and herbicide application.  Given the expense and dangers of mechanical management, herbicides offer utilities an alternative management approach.

Our team works with utilities and applicators to develop recommendations that lengthen time between mowing cycles, require less labor, and promote wildlife habitats that are often endangered by mechanical management.

National Leader

Game-changing services

Quality People

With over 50 team members across the United States, The Orion Companies’ talented team drives value creation and growth while providing first-rate services for our customers.

VM Software

As part of our market leading service portfolio, The Orion Companies enhanced digital software platform provides customers with a single point of contact system for their industrial vegetation management programs.

Custom Blending

Utilizing both industry standard containers and returnable-refillable, tamper evident, barcoded, closed system containers, customized prescriptions can be blended on-site for real time inventory access.


We provide solutions and prescriptions that can be used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of various chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.


The Orion Companies is driven to build capabilities that foster innovative solutions for our industry partners and customers.

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